Barton-on-Humber Wildfowling Club was formed in 1967.  The Club’s primary goals are to maintain and improve the land on which it shoots and on our ‘Wetlands’ page you can read more about our recent conservation project to turn 16 acres of arable farmland into a thriving wetland habitat, in association with BASC and WHCT. 

The club has a number of acres of wetland and farmland that we have acquired over the years, not only to shoot but to help to maintain and protect for future generations.  As custodians of the land, we carry out important preservation work, including erecting & mending of fences and footpaths, trimming back vegetation overgrowth, cutting of hedges, clearing ponds etc. All of this work is an integral part of being a member of the club and helps to maintain the natural habitat of the quarry we seek and encourage the natural stock of wildfowl.  We also work alongside other local land owners and have gained access to further areas for wildfowling, game shooting and pigeon shooting

The sport of wildfowling goes back generations and it is a particular type of individual who endures to take part, as in our great British climate, wildfowling isn’t a glamorous sport.  Many times our members sit patiently waiting in cold or wet conditions for their quarry to arrive and often they will go home soggy and empty handed, without their Sunday roast!  However, as the chilly wind bites at your face or the drizzle of rain patters on your water-proofs, huddled in with your best furry friend, the serenity of the landscape and the stunning country-side surrounding you, gives time for quiet contemplation, as you wait for that illusive quarry.

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Picture above: view from one of the ponds looking toward the Humber Bridge.


Barton on Humber Wildfowlers Club 50th Anniversary Book pen & badge.

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From April 2021 Limited vacancies are available for new members.


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