BoHWC Conservation planing for the future

Annual Club Conservation work.

In its desire to enhance the breeding success rate of Mallard ducks locally, the club has designed and manufactured a new style nest tube frame to simplify and minimize nest tube refurbishment time when required. The club currently has 26 nesting tubes on its holdings which it monitors throughout the year to evaluate how benificial they are to Mallard breeding success rates. This monitoring has shown these nesting tubes are used repeatedly by Mallard ducks throughout the breeding season. On one small site alone in 2020 with only 6 nesting tubes on it, a series of 17 nests of mallard ducks were counted.


On this basis the club is looking to increase its total nest tube numbers erected to 40 for the 2021 breeding season. The club also works to maintain its conservation areas by clearing bracken and overgrown areas, cutting back overgrown reed areas and planting hawthorn hedging to encourage the nesting and breeding success of hedge nesting birds. Along with provision of nesting boxes throughout its holdings for small song birds.

Ground nesting birds are also encouraged by ensuring good ground nesting habitat on all the clubs holdings.

Hedgehog houses are also being  evaluated to help this struggling mammal on club ground.

This club currently has an ongoing 10 year conservation plan on all its holdings to ensure it manages and maximizes its conservation role to all wildlife


Any club members wishing to make a nest box or hedgehog house you can click on the pictures below of a sample drawings below.


Bird Box

Hedgehog House


Barton on Humber Wildfowlers club