Quarry Identification

The pocket quarry identification guide is currently under review, please check back.


Identifying your quarry is only one aspect of good shooting practice.  There are  many contributory factors, and understanding and applying them in the  shooting field is very important, for several reasons.
They will  increase your success and enjoyment, keep you a responsible and  considerate sportsman or sportswoman, and ensure any losses or wastage  of shot birds and animals are kept to a minimum.

On the basis that you have the authority to shoot and are fulfilling all relevant legal  requirements, then positively identifying your quarry is the first step.  You should then take a shot only if you are sure:

  • it is safe to do so
  • the target is within your range
  • your gun/cartridge combination is appropriate for the type and size of quarry you are shooting
  • you are confident of hitting and killing the bird or animal
  • you will be able to recover the shot bird or animal and, as far as possible, put it to good use.

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